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We’ve been called the overachievers of the employee benefits world. And we’re okay with that. Fact is, The Partners Group outperforms industry trends year after year. How? We manage costs. And we develop plans for your company’s needs, provide detailed analytics and use predictive modeling to determine future cost-drivers. Our clients call this client-centered approach exceptional. We call it being a good partner. Perhaps most important, we get it. We understand that great benefits help recruit and retain great employees. We recognize that communicating the value of those benefits to employees supports wellness and bolsters company loyalty. We realize you have a lot on your plate—a whole platter full—and you need a partner with the ability and insight to develop innovative, versatile plans. So we’re there with you. With experience. With expertise and an unmatched commitment that doesn’t fade when the ink on the contract dries. Contact us to help determine if self-funding is right for you.
Want to learn more? Download our information sheet on Employee Benefits. C2-Logo-100x107 As the founding member of Collaboration Centric Solutions (C2), one of the largest employee benefits firms in the nation, we’re dedicated to developing innovations that add value and promote success.

Fast Facts

More than 500 Clients Served

More than $300 million in premium
advised and managed

Overall renewal increases are consistently
less than half of regional trends


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Employee Benefits Division
Gary Alton, Managing Partner

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